Our weekly library book reading led to me overhearing, and of course becoming involved in yet another common core conversation. This was the third person this week  who I’d listened to their tale of woe of how their child was struggling to meet common core standards. While I know that all three of the children in these conversations were bright, two of them were placed in special needs classes given there inability to meet common core standards in time.  And while I’m aware just as much as the next adult that a 6 year old who is placed in a “special” class to help them come up to speed with the rest of the class isn’t any less smart then the rest of the class, but more likely has a different learning pattern then what is being offered, or perhaps less of an interest in what is being taught. The child undoubtedly has received the message loud and clear that they are stupid, or at least “special” in a bad way.

Albert Einstein who was ‘late’ in learning how to speak fluently, and in learning to read made the comment, “But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Thankfully, home school offers parents and children the ability to teach children in a manner that is more individually catered for each child as he or she needs. So each child can excel where they are ready, and not be shamed where they are still just not there yet. Just as Albert Einstein took a little longer for the English side of his brain to develop. Normal child brain development rarely causes a child to be ready to both do math and English at an equal rate of development. One side of the brain handles one and the other side of the brain handles the other, so depending on which topic the child is more gifted in, that side will mature first, leaving the other as more difficult for the child to grasp. Forcing the later on them to early can be detrimental for their self confidence. The single most deciding factor that decides how successful A child will grow up to be is their self confidence. What can we do to help? There’s so much. Start by homeschooling your child, or become active in volunteering in your child’s school. Spread the word. Join the Home School Legal Defense Association who fights for educational freedoms.  What else can we do to help? Write your ideas.