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Growing up in public school I so wrongly assumed fellow students must be on a better path than the home school students. Yet as an adult I look at those same people and the most successful ones were, you guessed it, home schooled. A particular friend I knew grew up in home school,  went on to college, later she achieved a rewarding career as a landscape architect working for the city. She now works this amazing dream job in one of the largest cities in the US with her beautiful office in an amazing high rise.   As a parent who pulled my child out of public school her second grade year to offer her what public school was lacking, I’ve heavily invested in so many ways over the years for her education. She also worked very hard to become academically excellent. So as she nears her senior year in high school we both wanted to KNOW that an Ivy League college is a reality for her. One thing that is very important is the high school diploma. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has an option for members to purchase watermark transcripts for such a professional touch, as well as high school diplomas that home school parents can issue to their students. But how respected will they be by Ivy League colleges? One of the first steps in achieving this is to make sure that the students work and transcripts meet the legal requirements for their state for graduation. The HSLDA assists their members in understanding the laws for their state.  One of the HSLDA’s founders Mike Farris also is the founder of Patrick Henry College. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that particular college will hold classes offered by the HSLDA with a high regard. Enrolling your high school student in the HSLDA online academy is an awesome option for high school home school students. Patrick Henry College in Virginia is a well respected college that has had many students that have gone from there onto Harvard, Georgetown, and more. The academy’s website even advertises:

“When you take online Advanced Placement courses through the HSLDA online Academy, every tuition dollar you spend will be matched with a Patrick Henry College tuition scholarship. In other words, you get to use your academy tuition money twice: once in high school, once in college!”  

Needless to say, adding the classes to your high school students transcripts for the classes they took at the HSLDA academy is one awesome thing we can do to help to get them on the right track for admittance in great colleges.  The academy has a live feed to the class, making it more personal. Some colleges offer this type of class online as well, so it is a good way for your student to get his/her feet wet into this world of learning. The link to the HSLDA academy is http://www.academy.hslda.org If you become a member you get 50 to 100 dollar discounts on each class, there are discounts for early registration and in addition to this if you use the code PTIVBCY you get another discount, you can use all the discounts combined.

Along the way over the years testing your student annually yourself can help you figure out where learning gaps are, so that those areas can be focused on, making your student more of an asset to colleges when the time comes.  AP classes go towards college credits and some online schools such as the one mentioned before offer these, they will make your student more appealing on college applications. If you become a member of the HSLDA, they offer help writing transcripts that appeal to colleges as well as offer other resources that fill in the gaps that the average parent may need help with.

Having your child do volunteer work and partake in sports teams, helps make them well rounded and in turn more appealing to colleges as well.  Make sure these things are clearly documented. Some states have public high school sports programs that will allow your home school student to participate on their teams.

There is scholarships out there for home school students, so your student should be applying for these as much as possible. They help keep your cost down as well while making it clear to colleges that your student will do extra work to help him/her to make college a reality. Keep a portfolio of their best work, this is handy for applying for scholarships as well as for helping to create their college portfolio.

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, are just some of the colleges who are actually recruiting home school students.  Many colleges have admission spaces open specifically for home school students only.