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free-world-map-thWhile the amount of American students who are overseas for part of all of their high school years isn’t clear, none the less, there’s a great deal of them. Many of these students want their high school years to be in America, but they find themselves in a position that makes that a difficult order to fill. Or does it? Now there’s options available to these students that makes it easier then ever. In fact many students living in America are choosing to school using these new options over attending their local public schools in person. What is it? Live online webcasting of the classroom. Students all over the world, find this to be the best option for them for various reasons. Many areas in the US don’t offer great public schools, some students have health issues that keep them from attending school in person, scheduling conflicts, and deciding to homeschool, are just some of the reasons students are choosing these classes. Many of these students face difficulty in trying to transfer credits from country to country as they travel, particularly military family kids. Online accredited classes are an amazing solution to many of the problems students face. It offers them academic stability, as well as so much more.

Some examples of overseas American students who may want to utilize online webcast classes are, as mentioned before, kids of military families, families who travel during the school year, and in some cases missionary family students. In certain circumstances, missionary families are subject to the foreign countries attendance policies. Short term missions trip kids will likely find these classes in their best interest.

Hslda academy offers classes that count towards college credit as well as high school credit. Even the tuition paid to the high school classes paid through the hslda academy doubles toward college classes.

There’s numerous accredited courses available online. Of course they each work differently. After much research, the one that I chose for my own student is the hslda academy. It offers live webcasts to the classroom each week students login to the classroom and interact with the class. Parents can use the curriculum as a fill in for a home school schedule, they can mix classes with other accredited courses to tailor the perfect fit for their student. Hslda academy offers Math, English, world history, microeconomics, and more.

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