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Many successful students from around the globe share one thing in common. Parents who reward their academic successes. paycheckEven adults who enjoy their work keep better attendance and higher performance at their place of employment for one common goal. Payment. Teaching kids from an early age to earn a paycheck is an excellent idea. High school students who are paid in cash each report card with the amount based on the grade often work harder then those who don’t. For example, the student that gets 3 A’s could receives $50 dollars for each A and $25. for each B, nothing for a C and below, unless you have a student that struggles to make C grades. Parents need to gage an appropriate amount of payment based on individual circumstance. A student that earns straight A’s is looking at a fine paycheck for each report card, yet still within a reasonable amount for the parent to be able to cough up. For homeschool students that don’t operate based on a grade system the student could be paid based on each major report, or piece of work, but it needs to be clear to the student what will be paid and for what before they begin their work. One of the worse things a parent could do with this is promise payment for a particular goal then not pay their student, or even worse, weasel out of paying as much as agreed with a salesman tactic. This teaches students a very twisted concept about our world and if you are a parent who operates this way towards your child, be advised, one day you will be looking to your children for your care, and it will not be pretty for you. Even if you are a parent who plans to have your millions built up so that others can provide for your elderly care, unforeseen things happen more times then not, and your money can not buy the love of your children at the end of your life, so treat them with care now, if you want to receive it from them in your last years. Chances are you may care more then about it then you do now. Ok, enough with the parental warning.

For middle school students cash method usually works great too, but don’t forget to add perks as a real employer would. Such as, if you get X amount of A’s, you get to go to an amazing summer camp, or to do anything that appeals to the student.

Elementary students respond well to stickers at the top of their papers that they worked so hard on, but eventually that may loose its luster it is helpful to up the antics. Having a prize bag with goodies inside that the child is rewarded with after each page or completed assignment is a great motivator.


“Paychecks” for your preschool or elementary age student


But don’t let those ideas limit yours. Keep the paycheck something that motivates your student and change it as they need. Zoo trips, or even paychecks for little ones in the form of letting them pummel mom or dad with water balloons can bring serious motivation to get them upping their efforts.

We love to see you comments of what worked for your student as a paycheck.