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There’s quite a few sites that offer learning games for students offering free membership for the summer. This is such a great way to sharpen your students skills and help you decide which educational sites are worth paying for as well. Just click the links below to get started. They do require you sign up for free membership with a homeschool co-op, this online co-op offers a lot of great resources and ways to connect. one of the best things about the free trials I’m going to mention today, is that they don’t ask for a credit card that annoyingly gets billed if you don’t fight to cancel. These are actually free trials with no strings attached.

First, but not necessarily best is  Always Icecream and Clever Dragons. My first impression of this one is that it feels like a cross between reading eggs and IXL, which is really cool, but offers more parental control options such as options to assign certain games to you student. The free codes allow the parent to sign up, up to four children for free. Always Icecream and Clever Dragons was designed with homeschoolers in mind. One thing I was sure of is the separation of girls from boys with the website. The Always Icecream is for girls and the Clever Dragons is for boys. There doesn’t seem to be any issue with the segregation of the genders, except I feel like it might put limits based on gender that don’t need to be there, but I’d have to spend more time with it to know for sure about that. Please comment below if you have any thoughts on this. This has a wide range of ages that can benefit from it.

To get the free offer for this summer, copy and paste the link below into your browser.


Second, is Taken Charge Siri and the curious code. This game is great for kids second grade and up in my opinion, though it is listed for kids third grade and up. I have a child who just completed first grade this year. He enjoys it, but I have to help him with some of the reading in the game and such. It guides kids through the inter workings of computers and such. So for example, at the end of the first level, my 7 year old knew the parts needed to build a desktop computer and by the end of the second level, he knew what each part did. It has a super Mario feel with a story line behind it and really nice graphics. This game is a good one for kids like my son, who at the age of 6 already knew he wanted to be a computer graphics designer and has began learning some basics to this already. With computers being such a big part of our future, it seems like a good game for kids who have an interest in the way of computers. There is instructions to use it for free for more then one child. This game isn’t supported by Android yet.

Click and paste the following link into your browser to get instructions.



Third, is Miss Humblebee’s Academy. This is focused on children preschool age, and is to help them get ready for kindergarten. This game works for both your pc and your handheld device.

Click the link below and paste into your browser to get instructions to use it free this summer.