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Kids aren’t usually just excited about every vegetable and nutritious food that is put in front of them. So how do you get them to eat enough of it to grow up healthy and strong and to be nourished enough to able to learn well? As a mom, I’m just going to share what I’ve learned about this, and what helped my family.The commercials you see with all the products labeled for kids who don’t get enough nutrition such as yummy drinks with vitamins and other nutrition added  might be helpful sometimes. While they do have their place, and might be helpful sometimes, they generally are loaded with things that aren’t good for your child and synthetic man made vitamins that often do more harm to their bodies then good.

There are a few solutions to this that I’ve found really work. But keep in mind that one of the things that was stressed in early childhood development classes is that their bodies accept and reject the foods they need. So don’t force something they turn their nose up at, or you could be forcing them to overdose on a nutrient that their body already has to much of. Making sure you put lots of healthy choices in front of them frequently and letting them pick is the best way to ensure they get a healthy diet. Some kids are just really picky eaters and squeamish about the way broccoli looks or the texture, but they scarf the nutrients from broccoli when presented in a more palatable way to them. Also, remember that your kids are more sensitive to things then you are. Just consider this, a child’s skin is 7 times thinner then yours, they have 1/7th the tolerance your body does when it comes to sun exposure, hot water, etc. they burn 7 times easier. Considering this and taking into account that their entire bodies encompass that concept in many other ways, it makes sense that they will be a lot more sensitive to things like poisons in their food. If you drank a bottle of round up you would drop dead, the same round up is sprayed on much of the food most children eat. In fact many countries have made spraying foods with these poisons illegal. So while you might really enjoy your honeydew, your child’s throat might become on fire and itchy from the same fruit, because of a reaction to the sprays that were put on it when it was grown. Even foods that are certified organic can still be sprayed with poisons after it is picked while shipping in some states.

So, with those warnings in mind, please make sure you consider these things first and try to feed them organic foods from your local farm and don’t force any food that they just plain reject. Also, being health conscious in other ways is so important. Dr Josh Axe has tons of good advice on his website that can really help you to make less mistakes with feeding your family.  OK, with that, here is what I have found helpful.

When you cook foods such as soups, broths, veggies, most of the nutrients from your food goes into the liquid it simmers in. Slow cooking can prevent the nutrients from being cooked out of the foods. Cooking high nutrient foods such as bone broth, other types of broths and soups puts tons of nutrients into that broth. So taking the juice from your organic veggies, soups, broths etc and adding it to your child’s cooked rice, mashed potatoes, and other dishes that you can put the nutrients in that they like is an amazing way to get your picky eater to eat nutrients. It also adds a ton of flavor to your foods you cook. Ever notice when you go to a 5 star restaurant it tastes so much better then most peoples home cooked meals? That is why. They flavor their dishes this way while cooking and our bodies need these nutrients and so crave them. Using these ways to “hide” nutrients in your kids food is really helpful. But please don’t forget if they still reject the foods, there may be a very good reason. Children need to learn to listen to their bodies when they are young.

This is key in avoiding obesity patterns in life. Also, making sure they are offered plenty of nutritious foods throughout the day and letting them decide what and how much of it they eat is key. Just keep adding more of what they ask for as they ask and start with small portions. Educate yourself on what foods compliment others. For example, to absorb calcium you must have enough magnesium and potassium as well. To activate vitamin D, you need something to help with that, such as moderate sun exposure. Drinking certain types of teas can keep your body from assimilating most of the vitamins from your meal, so can dark sodas, and certain types of acid that are in foods such as rice, so sprout your rice first before cooking it to turn a potentially unhealthy nightmare food into a super nutritious food. Learn as much as you can about eating healthy and your child will have a much better hope for his or her future. If your body and your children’s bodies have enough of the right nutrients, your bodies won’t crave the unhealthy foods and sugars anymore. Our bodies crave things that are bad for us, because they are lacking something in it. So finding a healthy way to offer our bodies those nutrients are key to avoiding getting overweight as well.

Blessings to you and your families and I hope you all enjoy eating right!