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The thought of homeschooling can be intimidating. After all, many parents can’t even begin to remember the things they learned in school, how can I possibly know what to teach my own children? OK, so the reality is, it’s much much easier then you think. The amount of homeschoolers in North Carolina has recently out grown the number of private schooled children, so the fact is not only is it easier then you think, it’s also, much more mainstream then you think, and there is a lot more resources then most people know. I remember finally pulling my child out of public school to homeschool when the public school system just wasn’t teaching enough and private school became to expensive. I met a mom who had 4 kids and she used to be a public school teacher, she and I talked for a short time and I knew homeschool was right for my child, but looking back, I had no idea how much that would ring true over the years. This year, that child scored in the 96th percentile on her SAT test, so I know homeschool was a pertinent part of her success and I’m just going to share the things that helped us along the way.

Perhaps all of the efforts by many of the public school counterparts to keep even more people from accessing their own tailor made education is to blame for the many misunderstandings of homeschooling. Whatever is to blame doesn’t matter, but what does matter is the fact that homeschooling works. Just look at the how homeschoolers are testing so much higher then their public school counterpart and out performing them in so many ways and it can’t be denied.

First, one thing so many people worry about is the legal ramifications of homeschooling. So many people have seen a friend or family member get attacked legally for homeschooling and they just decide then and there, that it’s not worth it. A sad result, that perhaps is the goal of such attackers. To prevent being venerable to such attacks, it is wise to view a copy of the state law for your state and comply. The hslda has a website that makes each states law very easy to understand and implement at http://www.hslda.org.  They also provide legal protection, and homeschooling advice for a annual fee of 120 dollars. They offer extra services such as help writing transcripts and transcript service for around 16 dollars depending on your need. The services they offer are so numerous I can’t mention them all here.

Joining a good homeschool group is a great way to make sure both you and your child get the right support and socialization. Look for groups that are free to join that offer each parent opportunities to help out instead of charging money. In my experience, these groups are the most rewarding.

Enroll your child in a private sport. This helps make sure they are socialized and keeps them well rounded. Physical activity helps get oxygen to the brain and aids in brain function.

Rather then paying 1,000 dollars per year for the boxed homeschool curriculum. It is often better to use programs such as ixl.com to see what each grade needs for each subject reading eggs.com does as well as others. This gives the parent a guide to each subject and you can use these to fill in any gaps in learning your child might have as well. If you just enjoy the book study type of learning sonlight has great homeschool curriculum. But after home schooling for a year or so, it becomes much easier to make your own curriculum for very inexpensive.

There is numerous online schools that allow you to continue operating as a homeschool while they teach your child excellent classes. The hslda online academy has excellent online classrooms with live teachers available for homeschoolers in high school and sometimes late middle school years. There is numerous discounts that you can get for these that can be combined making it more affordable. If you email our website on the contact form we can help you find ways to pay for some hslda online academy classes.

Don’t try to operate like a public school.  The best part about homeschool is that it is like your children have you as their own private tutor. You can spot where each child needs learning gaps to be filled and find ways that fit your child to fill them, without being forced to shove things down their throat that they just aren’t ready for yet. This is a common problem that we are seeing with the one fits all common core system. Each child is made different, and should be taught according to their unique needs if you want them to thrive in the long run. Encouraging them in their strengths is an important part of making sure they thrive.

Statistics show your child’s opinion of him or herself will define what they believe they can do. If they believe they can, they will try until they do.  If they believe they can’t, then they’ve failed already, because they never tried.

Find teachable moments. Those are the ones that stick. count rocks on the beach with your kindergartner, make shapes with them and talk about the names of the shapes. Talk to your high school student about how our political system works and engage them when something triggers a conversation. Be approachable to your kids. Don’t expect to know everything, but be willing to learn everything with them as you go. Travel with your kids and let them map out the trip ( double check it before you leave of course) let your kids plan how much fuel and how many gallons you will need to make your trip and how much it will cost to get there. Keep an open mind and start letting your child do the work, while you double check their answers. This gives them such an advantage in life and so much real life learning and experience. So keep watching for those teachable moments every day.

If you  have any questions about homeschooling feel free to contact us via email through our website and we will connect you with additional resources for your area and give free advice. Please note, we do not give legal advice. However, we may refer you to someone who can advise you legally.