Paying for college for your home school student can be daunting to think about. With colleges charging steep costs to educate your child you might be feeling hopeless.

If you are a parent who enrolled in the military shortly after the September 11th tragedy. It is likely you qualify for a GI bill that offers help with college tuition for you and you can also use this fund to be applied for your children.

If your child takes the SAT test and scores high enough, he or she may just have colleges offering to help fund their education.

Another way that is perhaps less well known is enrolling your home school student in the hslda online academy. The founder of this online academy also founded Patrick Henry College in Virginia. This is an excellent college.  When you buy some of these online classes for your homeschool student, they also give you some financial credit to Patrick Henry College. The online academy classes are for grades 8 to 12 depending on when your child is ready for the classes they offer. They offer English, Math, 2nd Language, History, microeconomics, and more. The classroom is online and once a week your child will log in to a live classroom with a live teacher. My own daughter took these classes and they are very well done and worth while. The classes really helped my own daughter to score amazingly high on her SATs and filled in some gaps that I needed help teaching her to get her ready for college, such as calculus. If you’re interested, but need a little help getting started with these contact us on the contact page with any questions and we will be happy to answer any questions you have that we can help with or direct you to someone who can help. Also we are giving away several class vouchers for this coming school year to a few people who need help paying.. so contact us and let us know if you need help paying. Right now, we don’t have a lot of people requesting help paying for classes so your chances of getting help from us are very good.

God Bless you on your homeschool adventures!