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Our brains are amazing. And not completely understood. Studies show that the more the brain is used during developmental stages of life, the easier it is for that part of the brain to be used. Now, consider this. Each time you go from doing math to doing English, your brain has to go from using one part of it to using another part of it. It can be deduced that focusing on one part of the brain such as doing only math for a period of time before doing English, can further simplify the brains process. Manipulating these processes can promote better learning. However, some have the theory that the more the path is crossed, the more the brain becomes used to crossing from one part of the learning scope to another.

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The more the brain becomes accustomed to going from one subject to the other, the easier the transition will be. Okay, so either way, one thing is for sure. The more the brain uses the part that becomes active to do a subject, the easier it is for your brain to solve problems requiring the use of the same part.  So here’s the trick. Doing the things that activate the part of the brain that are required to do each subject makes it ultimately easier for you to do such subjects. Here is an example. Have you ever noticed that people who are musically inclined also tend to be better in English? There is a reason for that. The part of the brain that is used for music is also the same part that is used to do English. So people who have that part of their brain already lit up with activity, have an easier time using that part of the brain to do their English. Here’s another example. Are you one of those people who does complex puzzles all the time? If you answered, yes, and if you have tried to use your math skills recently, then it is safe to assume that probably also consider yourself good in math. Puzzles utilize the same part of the brain as math. So if you struggle in a subject, you need to wake up your brain in that area to be your best in that subject. While different types of math is shown to use different parts of the brain, it’s best to try to utilize this information to make sure we are doing things daily to keep the different parts of our brain awake and active.

Math for adults- puzzles, putting together models, building anything with graphic design, Sudoku, anything that strengthens kids math

Math for kids- puzzles, geoboards, any math manipulatives,  building with blocks or anything of that nature such as legos

English- music

Spatial relations- sensory stimulation(such as playing in the dirt or sand for kids) everything hands on strengthens this in a child’s brain. A child will learn more playing in a field of dirt, grass, sand, water, trees, sticks, on his or her own, then he or she will learning in a sensory starved environment, such as a classroom.

reference: Author has an early childhood development education that was drawn from for the writing of this article.