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The Bible is filled with exhilarating stories of real people that happened in a physical location and a specific time in history. David slew a giant in a valley fifteen miles from Jerusalem. The walls of Jericho really did collapse a few miles west of the Jordan river. Two thousand years ago, Jesus preached on a hill near the Sea of Galilee.

Even today you can visit all the places you read about in the Bible. Being familiar with the geography and chronological history is vital in helping these stories come alive.

Recently, a board game was developed with the goal of not only being a fun strategy game for the whole family, but also a unique way to learn biblical history and the geography of Israel. The game is called Portals and Prophets.

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In the game you are traveling through time, attempting to witness different biblical events by being at the right location and time period in history of when that event occurred. The game doesn’t require biblical knowledge to play, but as you play you will naturally learn useful information as you travel across the board (which is a beautiful map of Israel) attempting to get to the location of your event cards. The 100+ event cards also include verses at the bottom of the card that relates to the event so those who are interested can learn about the story in more detail.

The game is perfect for the family because there’s enough strategy to keep adults engaged, but it is easy enough to grasp for younger players as well. The game can be set up in about 2 minutes and takes under an hour to play. It is the perfect excuse to put away the electronics and have a good old fashioned family game night!

With Christmas just around the corner, Portals and Prophets makes the perfect gift for any family!

To learn more visit www.PortalsAndProphets.com.