Medical & Dental Coverage is a Huge Need for Homeschool Families

Too many families are going without medical and dental coverage. So many people are told that they don’t qualify when they do and they just don’t have time to fight the system. Too many families are in the in between spot where they can’t afford coverage and/or they can’t get government help to get covered. So they go without.

Sadly it’s been all too common to hear about a neighbor, a friend or someone in the news who needed badly to seek medical care but could not because they simply didn’t have the means to pay. It’s the lady who broke her arm and posts on social media for advice on how to brace it herself risking going without an x-ray. It’s the man next door who’s wife has cancer and can’t afford proper treatment for his wife. And unfortunately too often it’s you finding yourself in this terrible situation.

Now there’s another way. It’s not medical insurance, but medical sharing, similarly to how they shared expenses in the new testament of the bible. They offer dental add ons and so far every person and provider I’ve talked to has been extremely satisfied with their experience with this new (well respectively new) form of coverage.

Follow the link to find out how to sign up. You choose how much you can pay, they have a plan for just about every budget.  Follow the link below to find out if it will help your family get coverage. Click and paste into your web browser.