Why are so many kids developing GI issues

Ok guys so I’m just gonna skip all the puns and the jokes to try to make this topic less embarrassing. The reality I’m finding out is that most of Americas kids can’t go to the bathroom. Honestly, sitting around all day in a classroom can’t be helping, so homeschooling is working on our side. However, after years of dealing with the woes of having my own child suffer, I finally came across juice plus. I watched other peoples testimonies…tear soaked parents sobbing tears of joy and amazement as they claimed their child went from living a miserable constipated life to being completely and I mean completely free from constipation. I bought it and tried it. After 3 days my kid was already completely perfect. So a week later of still being regular I thought I’m going to try a daring thing that I’d normally NEVER do. I let her have two bagels and pizza. I know it’s not a healthy diet, but I just wanted to see how “cured” she really is. Even after that test, she is still completely regular and cured. After so many years of suffering in spite of living on nothing but spinach and asparagus and foods of that nature, after years of struggling to get her to drink enough fluids shes easily drinking fluids now. So. I have to share this. No matter how healthy she is now, I still plan to give her spinach and asparagus all the time, only now she can have the occasional bagel or piece of pizza. Now she doesn’t have to suffer. Now she has juice plus as a supplement. Here’s what it is. When you cook veggies, fruits, whatever most of the nutrients go into the juice. That’s what it is. That juice from super foods made into a gummy. Me being the parent who drinks the spinach juice after steaming spinach, and pouring it over my child’s rice… I knew juice plus was onto something when I heard that their product wasn’t a vitamin, but a food … in essence, it’s just the broth from these foods. It’s the core nutrients from super-foods. To go to the grocery store and buy the amount of foods that are in these each day would be incredibly expensive. To get a child to eat them all each day or to eat one serving of these each day would be difficult to say the least. And that’s coming from me, the person with a child who will sit and eat 2 cups of raw spinach in one sitting and actually enjoy it. Yet she was still constipated. So now she still eats her spinach, but she also eats her juice plus. My other child who hates veggies also eats his juice plus and loves them. So these things are pretty much the answer to my prayers that I’ve missed so much sleep staying up to pray for. What’s even better is they’re affordable. For the price of one of my other supplements I was able to get them for me and my kid, because the company is offering free veggies and fruits supplements with the purchase of one adult order.  All I had to do was agree to tell them how juice plus affected her as honestly as I can. And trust me, I will thoroughly enjoy filling out this questionnaire. The cost was only about $45. per month to get them after all costs for the fruits and veggies for both of us. So as if that wasn’t enough, after I was so impressed with how wonderfully they work I found so much research that amazed me even more. I learned about polyphenols and their effect on Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and then I learned about the extensive research that has gone into juice plus and how it increases polyphenols in the blood each day. We need polyphenols and they reduce inflammation and help relieve IBS.

If you want to try them, you can get them through the link below. I strongly encourage everyone who has ever suffered from digestive issues or knows someone who has to watch the videos below as well explaining polyphenols and how important they are, and how juice plus gets them into us via a natural whole food source. I am not promising that juice plus will fix your kid, but I am saying it fixed my kid. Thank you Jesus!

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learn more here:                            https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1856830/